Venus In Gemini


Pleasure in Communicating

Venus in Gemini is talking and communicating with harmony, balance, peace, and to breathe life into beautiful situations!

This transit is rather important right now, seeing that the current retrograding planets are spinning out karma, lessons, restrictions, and transformations.

You need someone to speak to you with love and care right now (or someone may need you to), to reassure you that everything is for your benefit.

Venus does exactly that!

While whispering sweet satisfying jewels in your ear, Venus will produce the serene and calm in your life.

Wherever you have Gemini in your chart is where you are typically chatty, have the most ideas and creativity, are very versatile, and have the most resilience. You can communicate with ease in this area or sometimes this is where you require the most understanding and/or need to communicate with others.

Venus, dealing with luxury, beauty, and quality of people, places , and things, while Gemini is getting your point across, with such a skill that others want to listen all day!

This is a great time for job interviews, proposals, vows, asking someone to prom, business meetings, court proceedings etc.

The universe is sending much bliss your way in the wake of intense retrogrades.

Consider this your bit of grace during a time that it may feel like certain situations may take you out!

No worries!

This influence gets you speak with more clarity and smoothness that will make you think that you have more swag that usual.

All is well!

If you have Gemini in the 3rd, 4th , 5th, 10th, or 12th house, this shall be a very happy transit!

So much to gain!

This can bring on a union, re-unions, pregnancy announcements, increase of pay at work, or promotions, and great for singing voices, ones that speak or use the voice for a living or talk about money and finances for a living.

Happy Venus in Gemini!

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Author: peacebyyaaris

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