Full Moon in Scorpio 2018


“Intense Emotions”

Pink Moon=”Growing Moon”, “Fish Moon”, “Egg Moon”, known as the first Full Moon marking spring equinox and the blossoming flowers and growth from the season! This growing, changing, evolving on a new level!

This Full Moon in Scorpio(April 29-30) is all about determination and revelations.

Scorpio represents darkness, death and rebirth, deep transformation, sexual energy, and healing.

There is much power and intensity in the deep mysterious waters of Scorpio. With the full moon in this sign, there is so much passion in the air!

This isn’t just a sexual passion, (although the night will be full of lustful whispers, and hot, steamy, connections), this is also about your personal passions to rebuild your life, or to do well in other areas.

Of course we all know in order to get something new, we have to be willing to get rid of somethings as well. This is where the determination comes in, the Moon being in Scorpio mean that the Sun is in the opposite sign, Taurus.

Scorpio and Taurus being at 180 degrees of each other produces much in the physical,( finances, materials, property). With both of these being fixed signs, there is NO going back once the choice had been made.

You can really utilize this time to manifest everything you have had your eye on for awhile. Scorpios deal with strong desires and urges, and they also have great sight for details. This is great to use those super traits for recalling and resetting.

This is a time to truly reset.

While its ruling planet Pluto is retrograding until September 28, everyone will see past lessons spin back around as a RE-TEST. Make sure you are truly present for the changes that are sure to take place.

Much will be revealed! This Moon is tapping into your psychic powers of validating things that you needed answers to.

Fixed water signs Scorpios have great memory and are excellent judges of character. Use this time to use not so good moments to transform into your best moments!

Happy Scorpio Moon 2018!

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Author: peacebyyaaris

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