Pluto Retrograde 2018


The Strict teacher returns…

During this Pluto retrograde 2018 you can expect a lot. You will be getting the lessons that need to be put in order for you to build up where you may have been drained. This Pluto Retrograde is similar to the Saturn Retrograde except a little more INTENSE!

Now let’s not forget, there are other planets retrograding right now.

This is a lot of recurrences taking place all at once.

Jupiter is dealing with your growth, Saturn with your structure and boundaries, and Pluto is dealing transformations and comebacks.

Pluto is a small planet with mighty powers. I call Pluto the stern or strict teacher. This is the teacher that even though you may have learned something from them and they have somehow transformed your life and you never want to see them again.

Think about it.

Remember that movie, “Don’t tell mom the Babysitter’s dead?- Visualize Pluto as the old lady that came in to lay some rules down! This is exactly that! A mean old lady that changed the rules and is 10x strict than your mom or grandma, that made you dread being at home. Pluto makes you face all the uncomfortable situations that you would really much rather not deal with, and would normally avoid (the unmentionables of life).

Embarrassing moments that you would love to do away with are making their way back.


Pluto enforces the rules.

I always say if Saturn gives you the rules then, Pluto gives the consequences. This doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. A consequence is literally a sequence: what happens next, this is why this is also your comeback, restoration and revenge.

Wherever you are down in an area your life that you need to be filled back up may be your time to check where you have Pluto in your chart.

People, places, and things that have had lasting effects will seem to be literally haunting you, and they’re back for the NEW you and new reactions.

Pay attention to past lovers, loved ones that may have passed on, times that you may have been depressed or in pain. Situations that may have hurt you or left a huge impact in your being may slide back into your space.

Move with awareness.

You are gonna experience the pain again to be sure that it is REAL and to make sure that THIS time we know for sure that this isn’t something that we really want for ourselves again.

Why is this happening?

Well don’t you want to go to the next level?

The universe has to make sure you can past these tests before there is fact that you have resilience and ready for more to build up your strength so you NEVER forget!

Pluto will retrograde until September 30, 2018- -*Through Numerology this is a day of clarity. Use this day for understand the events that have taken place.

You will see what was in your way and why. Then you will rebuild and move forward!

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Author: peacebyyaaris

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