Sun In Taurus



It’s Taurus Season!

Time to acquire the goods, assets, and property. This is a time of dealing with our possessions and things of value to us.

What do you HAVE?

There is wisdom and understanding in knowing how much something or someone is worth in your life. Sometime we tend to give value to things, people, and places that don’t really do us much good at all.

We are at the bank!

When you spend time at the bank, you want to bring all that you have to the table so that you can show the quality of yourself and all that you have to offer. Spend your time where you spend your mind. If you think of money, then you shall have it and it will materialize in many ways, as long as you have pure intent with that energy. If you spend your mind and time on negativity then you shall have that as well.

You make the choices for yourself.

You choose the happiness, peace, and favorable circumbstances. The best days to enjoy the fruit of this season is April 19-April 29 (materials, money,etc). There are many little prizes and reminders that the Universe is watching you.

Be prepared for advancement and opportunity through work, love, and pleasurable experiences!

Depending on where you have Taurus in your chart, this can several different outcomes. One thing for sure is that it will be for the benefit of you and to put you on better ground in life.

All Taurus Sun signs and Moon signs are feeling like GOLD!

Shine!, Shine!, Shine!

You are pulling in everything that you have worked for throughout the year!

You have returned to your bank with MORE to deposit!

There shouldn’t be too much effort to get anything done and put them in place. Afterall you are the King/Queen and your wish is the command of the Zodiac!

Be aware of the Pluto Retrograde beginning April 22 as it may interfere with your time on the throne…

Battles and lessons may be at near and may have to defend your place.

Prepare to LEARN things and LOSE things, you will RESTORE more later.

As we begin to increase our worth at the bank and the credit that we have accumulated, let’s make sure that we protect ourselves, territory, property and materials.

Watch out for too much comfort, and overindulgence in everything,

Too much of anything can leave you feeling last, and obsessed with greed.

Wherever you have Taurus in your birth chart is a place to gain appreciation and to see the beauty in all!

Happy Sun In Taurus!

Here are some tips for the Season:

Light a white candle for purity.

Light a blue candle for wisdom and peace.

Speak protection on yourself. Allow the candles to burn until it goes out. Write your intentions and places in your life you seek improvements. Fold paper and put in under the candle. Watch the flame activity.

Happy Sun in Taurus! I know you will do well!

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