Saturn Retrograde


Saturn Retrograde 2018 is all about karma and things reoccurring as lessons.

There are many places in your life where you may need to reevaluate your actions, your dealings with others, issues with authority and where you may have needed some serious boundaries.

Many of us have done things in the past that we may not be so proud of.

So many parts of our past selves makes us cringe! Yes, you know the terrible things that said to a friend, your mom, lover/spouse, child, old classmate or colleague that you never thought you had to deal with again? Yes, of course you have grown past it and may have even thought you learned from it. Now is the time to look at it from another angle as these situations may reoccur. If you thought that maybe you were right in certain scenes of this part of your life, Saturn will show you sternly that you surely haven’t been paying attention.

This isn’t the place for your ego.

This isn’t a time to try to gain control.

This is a time of NO control! Yep, This Saturn Retrograde is gonna show you whose boss and really in the driver’s seat of your life. If you think this is YOU, then prove it.

This Retrograde is like watching a long drawn out episode of your life, getting the payback for places you were out of order….with NO REMOTE. You get no fast forwards! You will have to really be present and aware this second time around, this is what will make you sharper and better for future lessons.

Saturn represents structure and discipline, the rights and wrongs of life, and keeping you on a straight path. This is the Drill Sergeant, the Father, the very strict Mother, or the Supervisor of your life. Saturn is the drill sergeant that knows nothing about breaks and time-out.  This is the trainer at the gym that just won’t quit!

Imagine the ones that push you the hardest, that make you give your all, and inspire you took a vacation. (Whew! finally a breath of fresh air! Right?) You thought you were on your way! YESSSS! Then in walks your substitute. (Your mom, the police, a teacher that you hated in grade school, basically ANYBODY that you have some explaining to do about your past behaviors and will also handout consequences for present ones too.

Your actions have caught up to you.  Its time to face the music and accept the backend of your old ways.

You have your back up against the wall with no choice but to humbly accept the task ahead.

Everywhere that you are lazy, comfortable, compliant, and lack motivation is gonna haunt you, if you let it. Have you dealt with those ghosts of procrastination and overindulging? Those are the enemies of your success!

You want the recognition, respect, and prestige? You have to know that it won’t come easy and you will have to push yourself to the limits, then you will realize there is NONE. This retrograde will have you on your own, facing obstacles and gaining solidity and agility to get to the top!

During this  Saturn Retrograde you will see men from your life reappear, think long-lost lovers, fathers, sons, male friends,coworkers and family members. They are here for a reason, you will watch their actions and words. Remember this is a reoccurrence, you have been here before. The question is what are THEY doing here? and Why? That is for you to find out.

This transit will have a deep effect on Capricorn suns and Moons, also wherever you have strong Capricorn aspects in your birth chart. This of course is impacting the house and sign that you have your Saturn placement.

If you have it in the 4th, 7th , or 10th, this could be a very eventful transit with lasting impressions.

Where do you have Saturn in your chart?

Let’s talk it out!

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