Chiron In Aries


“Self Healing Actions”

Chiron the “self healer” has entered Aries, which means during this transit, this is a time for all to heal and restore. Aries is a initiating fire sign dealing with your actions, impulses, passions, areas you may be aggressive and also your strong leadership skills.

You may need a new way of getting back to the “whole you” that you knew before any pain settled in. As you grow and progress through things that have left you feeling like you need a trip to the ER (emotionally, mentally, or physically).

You are now in rehab and counseling, and ready to give your recount of the events that you feel has left a hole in your being.

Easy and steady , you can take your time. Although this Chiron is in Aries, (which represents speed and impatience), remember you are still being put back together again. You don’t want to be thrown together sloppily or unsure. In this world of toasters, drive throughs, and texting, there tends to be a microwave type of mind frame: Everyone wants instant results!

This is why a sore that you continue to pick and dabble with won’t heal correctly. Doesn’t it leave a mark that you will have to live with as a reminder for what happened and didn’t do right by it for it to still show in the first place?

Everything that you do for the next four years is important.

Your Chiron shows your strength and healing power. What you can give to others, you should be able to give to yourself …..or it isn’t true. This is important especially concerning your  relations to others.

Pushing past your pain seems easy, however actually exploring these happenings and getting to “why?” is the most effective way to get through the cleansing process.

“To thine own self be true”. This quote naturally applies to this time in your life. Chiron in Pisces had many of us emotional and crying, yet at the ending of illusions. All lies came to a halt and now as we all pull ourselves out of those deep oceans of magic, we can finally shed light on those areas that were once hidden and put away in the back of our minds.

Wherever you have your Chiron in your birth chart, is a place you should spend time alone and seek knowledge within the self. This is a place to get a head start in re-dos and new beginnings.

Take that Band-Aid off (with care!) and have no worries! With the Sun in Taurus (April 19-May20) and Jupiter retrograding in Scorpio (until July 10), you have full advantage of the quality of time and regeneration it takes to get back on track.

So much growth is taking place! Be very proud of yourself!

Happy Healing!

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