Sun In Aries

thOXU0NBGBHappy New Year! Sun in Aries in effect! This means we are shining light on your actions! This all depends on what house you have the sign in in your personal birth chart. You can finally SEE!
When we come from the dreamy, woozy, sleepy Pisces that represents illusions and hidden things, it feels go to have light in places that needed it. Now you can give the proper attention to the tasks ahead with fire, passion, and FULL SPEED!
Everything that you planned months ago is sprouting and growing at full capacity! Let’s hope you spoke good things and truly planned out your garden of life and goals to a tee! But remember! Anything negative could rear its ugly head as well, which is why we have to be careful with what we say or do, those are seeds that grow as well. This is a time to regain your power, independence, and spark!
Aries being a cardinal sign likes to initiate things, so I like to think of Aries as the first flame of the fire, they like to get things started and set the tone for the rest of the year and the rest of the signs! Aries aren’t typically shy people as they lead the way for 11 others signs so they are used to putting their best foot forward!! Use this to your advantage wherever you have Aries in your chart to be alive and thrive, and be very active.
Be mindful of being too pushy or aggressive as Aries can be a bit abrasive whether its work, love, and or play. They love to be ahead of the crowd are very strong-willed.
This is a time and pace of independence and drive! Shoot your shot! And don’t look back, the universe is FOR you! You have the favor to spring into action everything that you wished for!

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