Mercury Retrograde In Aries 2018




Yes it is here! The Mercury Retrograde!


No it’s not a bad thing. Let’s just get that out of the way. This is a beautiful time to reflect! When Mercury makes it’s rounds and orbits it will get to a certain distance to the sun and begins to appear as if its orbiting backwards when in all truth it is moving extremely SLOW and appears from Earth that is moving in the opposite direction.


Socially this affects us as well as psychologically. You may miss an important  phone call ,or accidently call someone that you didn’t want to talk to, there are miscommunications, arguments, lost mail, missed delivery, misunderstandings, etc. Messages are all over the place and it seems like its taking for ever to get you.


Mercury retrograde is also representing reoccurrences. There may be situations and events that have already taken place that seem to be happening AGAIN! Even sometimes the same way with the same people! Don’t worry! The universe knows what t is doing! You will have a turn to re-do or restore a situation in a different way. This is opportunities for you to see some things with a second, sharper pair of eyes. Ex’s old jobs, old conversations, and opportunities will resurface for you to approach them with a different perspective.


This is why I say Mercury Retrograde aren’t bad or scary, unless you make it that way! You are powerful! So everything that you see is an opportunity and a great lesson! This shows you what you do and don’t want for yourself. This is decision making!(which is what Mercury is all about) Use your memory to replay how things went BEFORE so that you can trust what to do NOW!


This Retrograde is dealing with YOU and what you DO! These are your actions and how you conduct yourself. How have you in the past? Are there times when you should have spoken up? Or said nothing? Reflect and use this retrograde as a jewel and a gift for making it back around from the journey through the Zodiac.


Mercury Retrograde 16 degrees in Aries is dealing with your time alone and how you are with self. Stretch your yourself and utilize your gifts and abilities. You have to develop this in solitude so that it is personal, private, and true! You can share your magic when you are comfortable enough with it yourself first.


Aries is the Master Bedroom of self. So get to know YOU! There is a difference in being ALONE and LONELY. Aries see the strength in self. Owing your strengths makes you less dependent on others and more on yourself, which is great for your personal development and relationship with yourself.


Peace and Love.


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