Jupiter Retrograde


So imagine you have a treasure chest filled with everything you love and everything that can completely help you get ahead in life? Picture someone knowing everything that you ever needed and stored it in a room. Everything that you do well and progress more and more is stored and pretty soon the room is bursting at the hinges of the door and you can’t keep it closed because so much is being forced into that space!

Then as you think there is no more room left……BOOM! The entire door and barrier breaks through and the opportunities and advancements, bliss, happy, luck, love, money, and success floods your life!

Well if you don’t know, NOW is the time to experience a Jupiter Retrograde. Jupiter Retrograde is much like any other retrograde, yet dealing with a different part of your life in a different way.

We mainly hear of the Mercury Retrograde because of how often we experience them but we experience them from ALL the planets. A retrograde is when a planet orbits a certain distance to the sun and appears to be directing or moving backward. When this happens, this also gives the notion that these things are actually happening in that area of your life.

Jupiter represents growth, expansion, luck, power, and wealth. All of your plans, goals, and travels are guided through Jupiter, the spiritual teacher and traveler of the zodiac.

When all these parts of your life seem to be affected and come to a halt, those are the effects of the Retrograde. All is well! (The keywords are “appear” and “seem”). When you are doing well in life, growing in your career, your love life, family is doing well, finances are comfortable, it may seem like those things are slowing down or pausing altogether.

Remember that room of gifts just for you that is bursting at the seams? THAT is for YOU! The gifs never stopped, your luck didn’t run out, and your power untouched. Everything has actually expanded and is overflowing more than ever!

Your happy should still be in tact. After all, even if you can’t see the good, Jupiter can! Trust! That’s why its the biggest planet (ruling Sagittarius), the one that can see the furthest and has great insight to foresee EVERTHING!

By July 10th you should be thanking the universe for your lessons and bliss!

Peace to you for this Retrograde! Be without stress worry, or strain your spirit.


Author: peacebyyaaris

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