Mercury In Aries


Mercury In Aries –I think and learn from myself and who I am.

Communicating with yourself and through your actions.

This is a time to deal with personal dealings that may have you on a bad or tough spot. Use your logic and reasoning as you float through the Pisces season just be sure not to get too carried away as your vision can get blurry flowing through the Pisces stream of dreams and wisdom.

This is an awesome time to meditate and receive those downloads from the universe about your next move as the Jupiter Retrograde approaches, your many big plans and goals may come to a halt to gain more power and backup by July 10 (when Jupiter goes direct) collect all your ideas and write the down, so you can tell Mama Moon about it for the full moon in Libra March 31.

As you are actively learning, this could also be a time for you to TEACH! As we all know the best teachers are also the best students! You never know who is watching you and respect your growth! Share the wealth of wisdom fro your experiences! You will heal yourself as you heal others. Such a beautiful process! Be aware of yourself and let your actions be intentional.

The other side of this influence can also indicate impulsiveness, rash decisions, and aggressively communicating with others, anxiety, nervousness, forgetfulness, uneasiness, loss of balance, bossy, being extra talkative, petty, and arrogance. Let’s make sure that we are being considerate of others’ space and time, because this influence can affect others differently because of house differences in personal birth charts.

Mercury in Aries is a big factor with appearances as this may have several individuals spending more time in the mirror examining the face, head, and neck area more. Stay on top of your self care. Begin a new face washing regime, try new or natural products, do something different to your hair, or hey try a new piercing! Just to switch it up a bit before your close up in Aries season! Get your face shining and picture worthy, we can’t wait to see your new look!

Try not being too analytical over little details we don’t notice, after all you are your OWN worst critic!

Everything is looking up! Stay focused. Stay loyal to SELF. Stay open to learn.

Peace. Happy Mercury in Aries 2018!!

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