Numerology for the Day


Today is Monday February 26, 2018. (Moon Day)

This means that there is much wisdom in new beginnings or the beginning of the end with friends and acquaintances. We are either learning from our past mistakes to rebuild or mending ourselves from the past so that our future is not destroyed. Today is about Death. Not a physical death, yet a mental or spiritual death. Death brings life. All is a cycle. Somethings have to die or END for others to take form. There is much value to having a routine and a plan for what it is that you are trying to do with your life. When you have that in order, you will begin to see more and more who or what fits in your life and its easier to make these decisions. Not  everyone can go where you are going so be selective about who is in your circle and who you share your dreams with.

Talk to Mama…

Yes the Moon! Luna.. The majestic One!  At 11 days and 3 hours old right now, she is in Waxing Gibbous Phase a perfect time use your gut with relations with others. This is also a time for minor magic or small intentions and gestures as the lunar energy is waning.


Learn from communicating and developing an understanding with others so you know where you fit in their lives and where to put them in yours as far as personal, business, networking, spiritual contacts etc. A beautiful day of connecting!




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