Why So Fast? 5 Reasons to slow down.



Yes. There are a million things to do, many hats that you wear, many places to be and  too many people that count on you for SO much! Yes you are capable. Yes you are determined. So, why are you rushing?

Going somewhere? Check if there is gas if the car first! No not the one in the driveway/garage, the one in what you use the MOST, your body.

We always want to be there and ON TIME! Wherever THERE is….in the process we tend to feel like there is some reason to get there fast and in a hurry…..WHY? Who told you to move so fast? Who gave you a deadline? What are the consequences? Who is REALLY I’m charge or in control? Certainly NOT YOU, if  you waking up everyday and don’t take the time out to give thanks, clear your mind, and simply BE.

It’s easier than you think….or NOT think! (My point EXACTLY!) Be. Just cruise through your life worry-free and in control. People that have control DON’T RUSH! People that have control know are very RICH! And no NOT just like the millionaires  and celebrities that we see on TV. They are rich in time, love, mind, materials, and the DIVINE! They have plenty of patience, courage, and  wisdom to know that all is well and ALL happens perfectly!

These people know there power and have a very strong sense of SELF, which is why they don’t need to move too fast. These people TRUST. These people are ALWAYS on time. These people are TRULY INTUNE!

Here are 5 tips to help you be richer INSIDE so that it expands and overflows to the OUTSIDE! Relieve your mind, body and spirit of dense, low vibrations that keep you from being your true, powerful, awesome, fantastic self!:

  1. Everything is as it should be. — Ok so here is a scenario: You wake up late and will now be late to work and the children late to school. What do you do? Or what would you NORMALLY DO? Stress, run around, yell for the children to hurry, forget breakfast, have on mitch- matched socks, and then to find there isn’t ANY gas in the car!!  This is a great moment to decide. “I am in control.” Or ” I am gonna have a heart attack!” stressed-woman-cartoon-2-tiny Everything is as it should be. You have SO much power in a situation like this! First calm down. Be grateful. You woke up. (I trust that there is would another kind of panic had you not, for your family and loved ones:).  You will get there safely and on time, IF you decide to even go! You are still in control! You can’t STILL take your time. Everything will still be there. Be without rushing. Just make sure when you show up you, DELIVER! You can make it a sick day, a staycation for the family, sleep-in (you need the rest anyway), a day to clean up and organize. A write-up at work, a stern look from your boss, or an impatient sigh from the lady to sign your children’s tardy slip isn’t YOUR business, understand these were probably already pending issues or judgments that AREN’T in your control, so what exactly are we worried about?

2. Present and Truth is NOW! Yes again. We are magical, powerful, beings that can focus on a thought to the point that it manifests into physical existence, yet what a lot of us cease to remember that this is also for negative thoughts. Think more positively to raise your vibration and to know you are in control. Nothing is more “On time” than your breath! BREATHE! That is the TRUTH! Of course you can foresee the outcome of events because of events leading it up to it……But Why I pray does it have to be BAD? Why ASSUME that you will get fired for being late? Why ASSUME that people at the school will talk about you for the children being late AGAIN? Why assume that you are  the most unprepared person on Earth because you forgot to put gas in the night before? WHY any of it at all? The truth is that every time you breathe you have PURPOSE. Your purpose may have been for something or someone else that day.

3.Resisting pushes you back. Pretty much the Ego. If you are resisting or pushing against a situation, it means that you have NO trust. No GOD. No higher power. No time. No money.  No Love. No Divine. You have nothing that gives you the sense of security with yourself…Rushing, stressing, and worrying is giving a sense of LACK and that you don’t have everything that you need. There is a signal that there isn’t enough. You are saying that the universe isn’t moving fast enough, now you feel YOU have to do it! Let go! Be in control without control. Just like riding your bike or driving your car, you are in control of the wheel, yet NOT in control of other drivers and how they operate THEIR vehicle. What most of us do is drive the best way we can with control over OUR vehicle and have the faith, courage, and trust that you are protected.

4. You aren’t in LOVE. Yes! This is the most important ingredient to Self LOVE and Self CARE. Being “In love”, No not just with a man/woman. In love with YOU! In love with LIFE! In love with your opportunities and growth! When you are IN LOVE you BECOME LOVE! Be in love with your family, your career, your lover/spouse, and most of all…YOURSELF! When love is present, there isn’t space for anything else. You are either stressing or BEING? Decide today! With love there is no such thing as time, and time should only be focused on LOVE. Nothing can bother you when the excitement of what is next brings constant thrills….STRESS WHO?thZAGBPWUE

5. It’s all about YOU! Oh you must have forgotten? This IS YOUR world…or at least your section of it. When it comes to your life, YOU are the superstar! We need our superstar to be refreshed, healthy and ready for ANYTHING! So spend time on self and spend time WITH self! This is very vital to building a solid relationship with yourself and developing your confidence, this begins with: healthy goals, planning ahead for your week/month/year, healthy eating, keeping your home/work environment neat and tidy, and maintaining a journal or diary. Recording your day helps you to look back over your patterns and routines then find your triggers that make you stress out/lose control.


Overall you want to be able to smile and get through tough situations without putting your body in a tough place having to feel the external pains of your internal thoughts. Every time you panic and get anxiety from not getting THERE….First make sure you are HERE.



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