Sun in Scorpio is all us digging deep and finding the discipline we need to investigate our problems and heal properly.

Full Moon in Taurus was the security and value needed to avoid triggers and knowing our worth.

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Astrology Compatibility with Astrologer Rahme’el Bey

Peace and Love!

Relationship compatibility is vital.

There is much more to the surface of getting to know someone outside of what you gained with your “out”side eyes. The composite chart is a deeper look into what is happening with your insight and how the stars align for your connection. Your Natal Chart explains YOU, and all the aspects of your life that make you who you are. A Relationship/Composite Chart interpretation is similar, though with the star connection from both parties and both energies, this will create the union as one entity. Learning and exploring yourself through your partner can be a beautiful thing!

Watch the video as myself and brilliant Astrologer Rahme’el Bey give quick interpretations of each other’s birth charts and describe potential partners through our charts.

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Peace and love!

ASTROLOGY 101 with Dee Calico and Yaaris Bey

Peace and Love! Explore the 12 Signs of the Zodiac with Dee Calico and I! We go through the signs and explain a little about who they are. Listen out for your sign!

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Peace and Love!

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio!

A time to truly go to the deep end of your discomfort and heal so you can gain clarity.

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Full Moon In Aries

Peace and Love! This Full Moon in Aries is so much about YOU!


Full Moon In Aries, October 1, 2020

There have been obstacles and errors along the way , but they showed us who we were and how we can manage and maintain in tough situations. The Moon in Aries is being challenged by Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in Capricorn, which can truly have you pulling out all the stops for what means the world to you. You are seeking comfort, but there is frustration. The frustration is not establishing yourself and who you are. and that can bring lust, aggression, and levels of selfishness.

You find out who you are in the need to assert your rights and being aware of your contacts with those that could be a potential support or threat to what you are doing. Your tool is in having a light of understanding in the energy of your actions. This will bring what is left in the balance of promise and partnerships that you seek (business and personal).

When you have negotiated properly, you can walk into places of life and meet people of knowledge that can bring you the comfort of the warrior that you are! Without compromise, you can face the heat of narcissisms and aggression that can interrupt the way you see yourself and cause a battle or war. Look to information, awareness, your physical body, and places in your life where you take initiative.

This is an ending to a cycle that brought frustration, dishonor, or laziness. This is an end to all ignorance and everything that hasn’t been brought to the surface. Enemies, hidden foes and those that wanted to deter your journey may rear their ugly heads and energy. You must be willing to pull out the stops to cut them off at the HEAD! This is your time and nothing is holding you back anymore! Take your power back and gain more of an identity to your actions.

This the beginning of the end. The end of the OLD you! This is the stop that adds fuel to your fire and gets you further along. Pay attention as the Universe gives birth to you AGAIN! The reawakening is only the first step to the power that is here to set you apart from all others!

Who are you? What do you identify as?? Are you a MASTER? Are you a slave to who you have always been? We will find out as we shift in the next few days…

Peace and Love! Welcome to your LIFE! You are in the HEAD position ALWAYS! Your bliss is yours and your failures are yours. Isn’t it beautiful?

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