Neptune Retrograde


Neptune Retrograde is in effect!

From June 18-November 24, Neptune will be spinning back major parts of your life.

Neptune represents illusions and deceptions, things that can be a beautiful truth or a beautiful lie.

Neptune rules Pisces, a magical sign that is very intuitive and loves to save others.

This is also a sign that needs saving sometimes as well.

I say that because Pisces are most times misunderstood. They seem to be in a dream state of bliss or an unraveling state of depression, hallucinations, addictions, etc.

I say if Scorpio conjures up the energies darkness, deep transformation and death, then Pisces are the energies that manifests them.

These energies can either inspire a beautiful creating, passion, and love for life or the bring on the burden of scary thoughts, dependency, nervousness, and a need for recovery.

With Neptune Retrograding in the sign that it naturally rules, Pisces, it will be spinning these events back into your life.

All of the places, times, people and things that were or maybe still are a part of your undoing may be coming back to bring you to the Divine or Turmoil.

The reason I say that is because it depends on where you are in your life and how honest you are with yourself.

Some of us are at a life changing moment where thing may seem to be going well and all of a sudden they are falling apart. Others of us may be falling apart and then you may stumble into your “Aha” moment and rise into a state of bliss, harmony, and satisfaction.

Neptune represents illusions.

Of course this means lies or things that arent real, but we are also talking about the magic of it all that seems so real or true that you arent able to put it into words!

This is why it also represents deceptions.

It was too good to be true. Was it true? The love? The feeling? True friends? Opportunities? Religion? Spirituality? What is true? What is real? Your subconscious mind is trying to communicate with you.

These are hidden things so might have to travel to get the answers.

When dealing with Neptune you have to use your intuition. That is the only way to truly know anything. KNOW SELF!

Pisces deals with TRUST. A very deep trust.

When you are resting with your eyes closed, or in mediation, this is where you find your peace. You have to be in a calm still receptive state.

Whenever you have this in your chart is where you have this type of behavior.

This is a place you will find a truth that otherwise would be hidden.

Neptune Retrograding will spin those type of people, places, and things in your space.

There will be situations where you really have to listen closely to the voice within and seek redemption.

This is an area in your life that you are either rescuing someone from undoing: fear, going back to bad habits, smoking, drinking, or mental breakdowns.

Happy Retrograde!!

Rest well and always be prepared physically and spiritually from distractions. Avoid escapism and secrets.

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Sun in Cancer

Sun is in Cancer


Time for cultivating your family and having a solid foundation with your emotions!

The Sun is shining light on the Zodiac sign Cancer from (June 21- July 22).

Cancer deals with family, women, your intuition, memory, emotions, nurturing, comfort, and your emotional security.

The Cancer represents home and where you are most comfortable. AS the crab carries its home on their back they are comfortable everywhere they go!

As the Moon (which rules Cancer) controls the tide this is also why Cancers can be crabby, moody, or clingy.

Cancers relate to women, specifically your mother. The mother role in ANYONE’S life is very significant. This determines someone’s emotional intelligence, feeling supported, maintaining friendships, being emotionally available in personal relationship and coping skills.

Cancers are sensitive.

Crybabies? Maybe that’s pushing it….

They arent just ANY Sensitive to where they cry at the drop of a hat (Some do).

They are empaths, and naturally intuitive.

They literally FEEL everything!

To put it best Cancers are insightful, magical, and give a foundation to all your relationships.

Cancer represents family.

This season , much love and adoration will be given to women. As the sign that represents the breasts and stomach special attention will be given to women that are or appear curvy nurturing and matronly. People are interested in bringing their lives together in their home, particularly starting new families.

Men may feel the urge to settle down, there are proposals, weddings, baby showers, and family reunions, this may inspire single people to get prepared for cultivation.

Everyone wants to be together and frolic in the warm water that the Sun and Cancer are providing. Perfect for beachy days and nights under Mama Moon.

Happy Sun In Cancer! May this transit grant you freedom in areas that you may not have thought of before!

Where is Cancer transiting through your chart? What does it mean?

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Numerology for the Day


Saturday June 23, 2018 (Day of Saturn)

There is power in relaxing and getting much needed rest. On this day structure and restrictions this is a great time to take off and not use too much energy. Letting your mind, body, and spirit be at ease is so important!

Moon-9 degrees Scorpio- Feelings of desire, emotional depth, and/or disturbances that need to be dealt with can have you feeling over the edge.

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Numerology for the Day


Friday June 22, 2018 (Day of Venus)

Collecting your intuitive powers today and utilizing them for love and growth. You can foresee a business plan, love relationship, and harmony manifesting in your favor if you trust yourself and the energy of those that you share space with.

Moon- 28 degrees Libra- Balance your energy. Seek serenity in the familiar places you go or the ones that you are around. This is a great day to spend time with women that you love, trust , or respect.

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This is my Thursday Special.

This is dealing with your travels, travel planning, location choosing, vacations, relocations etc! Using your birth information, find out where your light shines the brightest! This session is also great for those in business, travel business, or travel for a living. Making sure that your journey is secure and you are aware of all possible distractions, detours, or danger, this session will also point out possible adventure, opportunity, and bliss!

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Numerology for the Day

yell j

Thursday June 21, 2018 (Day of Jupiter)

Today is great for conversing and planning for your future. You may be planning trip or expecting company. This is a great day that is favorable for court and legal dealings. As you seek justice, equality and balance for your life, you may also experience the beautiful works of the Divine!

Sun- 1 degree Cancer- Shining light on your family life, emotions, and intuition.

Moon- 16 degrees Libra- Spending time in peace and harmony. Great day for accommodating others and showing love and appreciation.

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